Raising bar stools, bar tabs, bpm levels & noise complaints since 2001
Have a great time tonight and keep it clean!

Dink Winkerson is a legendary disc jockey from in WNY. A 2CD mix released with Dj Tongue Chew in 2002 launched Dink Winkerson to a top tier talent bringing on more hype than a Daft Punk tour!

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Apologies to all promoters sending in booking requests but I am currently unavailable. The demand is high but it’s doubtful you’ll succeed. Download some mixes instead and enjoy some music.

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You want to contact Dink Winkerson?  You must be crazy!  I welcome all feedback whether it’s about my mixes, my web site, about how amazing I am or even if you just want to meet me to buy me a beer.  Everyone loves free beer!

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